Precision Jewelry Repairs

Beginning my jewelry career as an apprentice at Mann's Jewelers in 1997, a very well respected family owned jewelry store in Rochester, NY gave me the great fortune of learning from some of the finest custom and repair jewelers in the industry. I now take great pride in being a Master jeweler who can restore your well loved pieces to their original luster and beauty.

Jewelry repairs available in all metals include:

~ring sizings

~stone setting

~professional jewelry cleaning and re-polishing

~stone re-tipping and re-pronging

~adjustable shanks

~delicate chain and charm solders

~clasp replacements

~hand knotted pearl and bead restringing

~watch batteries and servicing (including Rolex)

All repair work is currently being conducted in partnership with Broadmoor Jewelry Company. Please visit me there or call to speak to me directly about your individual repair needs.