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Presence Practice Creative Coaching and Consulting

Over the course of my career as a professional artist and custom jewelry designer, I have continually been asked where I get all my creativity from or told by people they wish they were more creative. I have always believed each of us already possess all the creativity we are seeking. Creativity is not a gene that is passed down, but our birthright.


Creative energy is innate in all of us.


It is not something unique to certain individuals but it is something that can be overlooked. However, if it is something that you have overlooked in your life, the most beautiful aspect of our creative energy is that it can be renewed and revitalized in our systems. With our awareness open to it, our creative energy can flourish and be brought more clearly into focus and harnessed in our lives. 


As we intentionally develop our creative energy, we begin to see our world anew; removing blocks and old patterns that can prevent us from thriving in our professions, our interpersonal relations, and in achieving our individual goals. The more you recognize and access your creative energy, the more it opens up your life and transforms the  the world around you. 

Your life and work become your most magnificent creation.

Utilizing a variety of techniques based in both ancient energy practices and modern psychology, I work with individuals, couples, entrepreneurs and businesses to coach them on a path to rediscover their creative vision and vital energy. I am currently in the process of receiving my Coaching Certification through Coaching Institute under Magali and Mark Peycha.


What aspect of your life could you bring more creative energy to?


I offer prospective clients a free 1 hr discovery session. Please submit your contact info through the field below. I will send you an introduction email so we can schedule your complimentary session. You can also follow my coaching practice on Instagram or Facebook.


I would be honored to work with you to discover how accessing more creative energy can transform the many facets of your life!

Schedule your complimentary discovery session here:

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